13 September 2016

Meditation- a poem and a guest post :)

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To drop from the head into the body,
Get aware of the inhale expanding the body
Watch the exhale release itself and also
Release everything that needs releasing.

It is this and keeps us in the now and
The immediate HERE
Gets us out of the constant pendulum
That the mind can become.

What is scary about this I ask you
Nothing. Let us give up the notion we
May have of what it is and allow
Ourselves to accept that it is simple

And accessible. Let us begin with the
Breath and end with the breath for what else
Does life begin with and end with
Breath to breath is all we need

Breath to breath is all we have.
A gift most precious.

Dear reader, I have had a first and who doesn't love firsts :) Aditi asked me to do a guest post for her www.dancebible.com  on a topic I had never written on. Dance. So I thanked her and wrote the guest post

It is on Bharat Natyam and how it benefits children. Needless to say the same applies to adults.

What are your thoughts on meditation and the beautiful dance form Bharat Natyam? Do share :)

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