6 December 2006

Mixie woes
Cooking our food without an Indian mixie seems almost impossible to me.I used an Australian one for 2 years and then that gave way unable to hold out under my heavy grinding of outlandish ingredients.
While shopping at an Indian grocery I saw an Indian mixer grinder,the regular stainless steel one with three jars and bought one before you could say jack robinson.I marched home with plans of cooking all sorts of indian favourites which required grinding of the spices.Alas I found that the mixie had an Indian three pin plug and had to rush my husband to the shops to buy an Australian adaptor.
After a week of searching all over Adelaide we decided to buy an Ozzie plug,cut off the current one and attach the new one.I waited with bated breath with a large cleaned salmon trout in my freezer all ready to be turned into a fiery fish curry,while my husband changed the abovesaid plug.
He plugged the mixie with aplomb and I strained to hear the whirring of blades...nothing happened!many tries and nothing happened!Back went the mixie to the Indian store with the store owners promise that he will do something about it and here I am,back where I started waiting for them to work out what went wrong,correct it and hand it over to me.
In the meantime I continue to dish out food without freshly ground masala,all the while dreaming of the day when....... and reading the numerous food blogs to keep me happy.
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