10 December 2006

Garima has started to sit without support for a few mins at a time :0) then she just plonks in any direction.Usually she continues to play with whatever she has at hand.If uncomfortable she calls out to me with her favourite syllables "eh and oh" ,cant find the right spellings in english for the sounds she really makes.Right now she is in a side ways toppled state holding a cushion with her two feet and manhandling(baby handling) it with her little hand.
on 11th she said "amma" a few times during the day.I thought it could be her usual style of crying when at times she starts with -maaa.But it wasnt she actually has been saying amma quite clearly and looking at me when she wants something :0) Just about two and a half syllables in our native tongues and 4 alphabets in english ,the word when said by her fills my heart to bursting capacity.
She is getting more communicative too and has added:na na na : to her expanding vocabulary.Methinks she could some day grow to be a silver tongued orator or that could be just a fond mum,s thoughts!
Referring to my earlier post,THE MIXIE is about to be delivered to me this evening I am told ,all ready to go from the indian shop owner himself.This business got me angry first and then made me cynical and then we graduated to humour (The anger-cynicism-humour ,stages that one can go through in any particular situation ,I have borrowed from Javed akhtar)
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