10 May 2016

Returning to the elements- a short reflection on death. A post in English and Devnagari Hindi.

Disappear element-body
The heat and anxieties returning to Agni
Imagination- speed to Vayu
Ashes to the Prithvi
Fluids to Jal
Prana to the Akasha
And you who resides within all of it
Back to wherever it is you came from.

This last week-ten days has been one of deaths and information of a death that occurred a few months back.
So this is what my being dwells on right now as I feel and contemplate sitting within the shell of my own body when I can during the day and night, while carrying on with the business of living life alongside.
Death- a doorway to returning to a formless existence, either to return in a new shell or stay formless, in synch with the formless energy which runs the Universe/Universes.

First it was an inspirational, loving, learned and much loved and respected blogger Usha Menon ji whose words are immortalised on http://eccentricgrandmum.blogspot.com.au/  
There is a little bit about her on https://blogarhythmblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/link-up-opens-featured-member-usha-menon-2/

We bloggers were in the throes of the A to Z challenge when we got to know about this. Everyone reeled. May she be in a loving literary place.

Before this had sunk in I was told by two of my friends and ex-colleagues that one of the 'loveliest on all levels' ex-colleague, Sandhya Prasad, had passed on while on a pilgrimage last November. Vivacious, mature, wise, sincere are only a few words that describe her. Sandhya was a Sri Krishna devotee and involved with the Iskcon Bangalore deeply. May she rest in the beauty of Lord Krishna.

I was processing all this when I was informed just as I went to bed at night, the day before yesterday, that my aunt Rajani had at 62, suddenly breathed her last.
The night was spent oscillating between praying and trying to fall asleep.
She was my mama's wife and a large part of my life since I turned ten. A simple lady in every way, she interacted with every member of the family and outsider in an ego-less and sweet manner.
This was a blow delivered to stun.
Rajani attamma, you will always be thought of fondly and missed greatly. Whitefield will never be the same without your smiling presence. I am certain everyone that knew you has felt shock at your leaving us so suddenly. May the ache in our hearts subside.
May you have everlasting peace.

For me it is expressing through words and other art forms which helps clarify and heal amidst other benefits. So meditation and words it is that I seek succour from in that order.


 एक ह्रदय कितना कुछ झेले
क्या क्या सहे और क्या कुछ छोड़े

सब जान कर भी अंजान है ये
सब बू झ कर भी अन्बुझ है ये

पञ्च तत्त्वों से बनी ये काया
पर उस काया में वास है जिसका

कितना भटकाती है उसे माया
मन का आदि अंत न पाया

श्वास के रथ पर बैठे हम कब 
पल में हो जाएँ विलुप्त क्या पता
समय से पहले कहाँ कोई गया और 
उस से पहले कोई न आया 
व्यर्थ हि भागमभाग मचाते 
किसको कुछ है लेकर जाना 

हे ईश्वर रख हमें सतत सन्तुलित 
जीवन बहे जैसे जलधारा। 

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