27 May 2016

First ever purely Gratitude post, thanks to Vidya Sury :)

The cup of my joy overflows as I ruminate
Sitting at the large glass window seeing green

The heavens pouring down last few days
Washing every little leaf and grass

Soothing the eyes and the heart.
Again I give thanks for the souls 

Encountered recently. Second cousins that
Came and stayed with us from out of the blue

Who knew that here would be a happily surprising 
Connect of true hearts and minds.
Thanks to the universe for the blessing in disguise
Of issues in the little one's last place of study, wherein
Lay the key to getting towards a Gurukul style Steiner
Way of learning keeping the entire Be-ing together.
Blessings abound and here I link this to one sweet blogger
I am happy to know, Vidya Sury it is and I am sure you know of her. 

Gratitude Circle Vidya Sury

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