19 February 2014

Winning - what is it to me?

Is it money
Is it things
Is it people
Is it bling?
A sense of satisfaction
A sense of achievement
Of having used one's potential
Of having purpose
Is winning one of these? Or a bundle of all of these, rolled up nice and tight?

Is it your child growing up healthy, happy and complete vs the hapless child at daily risk of abuse, whose parents think it vital to add up to their assets at the risk of their innocent ward's safety?

Is it giving up a little of one,s own extra or is it grabbing hold of everything one can and never know when it's enough?

Is it making one's life an oasis of contentment or is it spreading one's bliss all around?

Is it fulfilling every whim and fancy or is it charting out clear goals and getting to them one by one?

Is it all of these? Or a happy mix of all the above?

                         Winning to me is simply living each day in a manner such that when I grow old and totter about my home, (doing what I can with what energy I then have) I am at peace with how I have lived. Filled with satisfaction that I have lived every new experience I had, faced every challenge, cherished every dear relationship, nurtured every worthy friendship.
In life's last minutes I'm not scared. I am sure that my offspring will be able to traverse life's path easily and with balance and hold me in their hearts when I am gone, as a mother that thought of them before every single breath I took.

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