4 February 2014

I love my exhale

The un-thought of portion of the breath; exhale. To the aware the most important, the best part of breathing.
When we are asked to breathe our focus is usually on the inhale.
Now let’s do something. 

Inhale and exhale. 

No doubt you are doing this all the time. 
This time, do it with your entire mind on the in-breath and on the out-breath. 
Take your awareness upwards towards the crown of your head as you breathe in and as you breathe out, let the awareness travel down to the feet. 
Do this a few times, let’s say five.
Were you able to feel the sense of relief, the sense of everything-stress,strain,thought,burden, drop off as we release our breath?
If not do another five rounds with your mind traveling up and down your body with the breath.
Once you have figured out your exhale and what it does for you, make it your best friend and run back to it every now and then, all through the day. Same as you would go to your confidante and unburden your heart, allow your exhale to relieve you of all your burdens- real and imagined.
Right in the middle of a crisis, external or internal fall back on the out-breath and see how you are lifted out of the crisis and dropped into a place of peace and grounded-ness.
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