24 April 2008

World full of choices

Sometimes I want to get lost into the world of Keats , Shelly and Wordsworth and dream of a world that was . Ofcourse to the nature lover that world does exist side by side but one has to consciously make time for it now.
The trees , flowers ,clouds ,rivers and waterfalls ,stars ,hills and ravines ,the seas and sands are all around us ,but for most of us they exist without making much meaning to us .
Materialistic tendencies abound and are created and fed by every possible commercial venture .The poor are running a race to reach the middle class and the middle classes are running their own race to reach the periphery of the rich .The rich want to get richer of course .
Each of us running our own race ,pausing to stop and think at times and slowing down or continuing on the same nerve wracking course .
The choices on offer in every field one can name are varied and give us a great set of options ,be it in ones career or any situation in life .In our parents or grand parents time , it was a simple case of study ,work at the same job ,live a life of peace with oneself and the world . Stress was unheard of .Families gave a safe and loving nuturing to their children who grew up secure and balanced beings ,of course there are exceptions .There still were errants .
To reach a middle ground in this world full of choices one would have to concsiously THINK about ones life . To imagine that one is old and looking back at ones life is a great help to me in prioritising the truly important and sifting and blowing away the meaningless .
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