24 November 2016

My love story

Even after taking citizenship of another country I remain Indian. I got myself an OCI status for ease of travel back to the earth I am most accustomed to, and yet-

The bond only deepens each day.
It is a bubbling over in the heart
It pervades and takes me over
Every cell rings with it
What is it, oh what is it that I feel?
Words fall short, that is their nature.

I had to let go twice to live overseas. Letting go- my achilles heel. I know that all it takes is to sink into the ‘right now’ and I do. The umbilical cord never really severs, does it? All the time, right inside is a soft and insistent tug.

My daughter has remarked that she has never heard anyone else talk about India as much as I do :) I have no idea if this was a compliment or not but I take most things at face value to keep life simple.

I live a fairly busy life but like to think I have struck a balance between work and leisure. Now leisure to me is anything in which I am totally immersed- singing, writing while listening to music, ( generally to old hindi songs on Radio Purani Jeans), being walked by my dog etc. Work is cooking/cleaning/all paid work.

I also take Ms.G for her various sports/music/dance classes and go to social events of the spiritual/entertaining kind. 

Despite this some part of me hovers in and around India all the time. Strange phenomenon this. I live here and also exist elsewhere.
Reminds me of Hariharan's gazal- Main khayaal hoon kisi aur ka mujhe sochta koi aur hai :)

                   indian lotus nelumbo

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