11 June 2008

I luv mama,s gym

When I go to gym Garima stays home with Satish .Though we have a free creche right there I had never gathered enough nerve to leave her there after one try an year ago when she was pushed over by another kid .Since I have seen her play quite independently when i take her to her playgroup for a long time(I could very well not be there at all) ,I thought I would give it another shot and last wednesday 4/06/08 Garima was strapped into her baby seat and taken along on my body pump session .I filled the forms and dropped her along with her little bag and left her perched happily on a mini car looking quite smug .
The group classes at my gym are on the first floor and one can peep into the creche area from the balcony ,which is what I did a few times that day .When I went to collect her she came and gave me a hug and was off playing again .A baby of about 10 months was crying his head off and Garima went and sat in front of him and diverted his attention with a toy which amazed me .The child care lady relieved Garima of her ward luckily and I made off with her after gathering the information that she had been "adorable" all through . The brat in her is specially reserved for her mama and papa :0) but I do agree even at the risk of sounding prejudiced that she is a darling child .
Maternal instincts seem very prominent in her She likes babies and has a favourite one called Annabella at her playgroup and she ends up calling most babies Annabella wherever she goes .Baby clothes and baby things in shops are always Annabella,s .Babies apart she even mollycoddles her parents at times :0)
She will pat my hair or cheeks ,give me a bear hug or just hold my head in her arms and tell me "mama put head in babba,s lap "!?! But I do just that and its a moment out of eternity . Many of the endearments we use for her she uses right back on us , so its shona mama or shona papa , chhota sa mama/papa ,mela bacchha (mera baccha/my baby) ,mela laal ,mela chaand and the list goes on .
Coming back to where I began she goes to my gym creche every wednesday now for an hour and seems to love it there so much that she didnt even want to come home with me today :0)
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