8 February 2008

wintry summer and what I have been upto.

An Australian summer starts about october and continues upto mid april ,give or take a few days.We returned from our vacation in India in October from a 34-36 degrees Bangalore heat to Adelaide thinking ,here we are ,jumping from the frying pan into the fire.There were a few days in Dec over 40 deg which were very unpleasant esp for little Garima,but thats it.Rest of the time it has stayed around the 32 deg mark.Last week was all within 30 deg and the last 2 days have been totally wintry.Our jackets and blankets are out.Just when i realised that Garima hadnt got a single cold /cough etc etc since october and started to bless the heat ,the temperature decided to drop and give her a leaky nose .Just the way of the world and the weather.
In the meantime I have been reading constantly after putting G to bed at night and during her noontime siesta.Read a book of Preethi nair,Memoirs of a geisha,Thornbirds,Four mothers by Shifra horn of jerusalem and a few others.Memorable food that adorned my table and tickled our palates have been makke ki rotiyaan,diff types of fish curries,bread aaloo pakoras etc etc.
I will part company with u dear blogpage with this thought by Chesterton -Education is the soul that each generation passes on to the next .
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